Hexagon charging selenite bowl

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Enhance your home with the captivating presence of our hexagon selenite charging bowl. Believed by many to serve as an ornamental focal point, these bowls offer more than aesthetic beauty. Here's why our hexagon selenite bowls are a unique addition to your space:

  • Negative Energy Protection: Experience the potential protection from negative energy that these bowls bring into your home. They are not just decorative; they hold a deeper purpose in creating a positive atmosphere.

  • Energy Cleansing: Use these bowls to eliminate trapped energy, whether within yourself, your home, or specific objects. Crafted from pure selenite, formed millions of years ago from evaporating salt, each hexagon bowl is a one-of-a-kind piece, handcrafted to perfection. Natural cracks may appear, adding to the charm and authenticity of the selenite.

  • Cleaning Caution: When it comes to cleaning, avoid the dishwasher and water, as selenite is soluble. Instead, use a gentle polish and a dry cloth to maintain its pristine appearance.

  • Crystal Healers' Choice: Crystal healers frequently utilize these bowls to cleanse and charge their healing crystals. Placing crystals within the bowl for a few hours allows the powerful high vibration of selenite to eliminate trapped energy, revitalizing the crystals.

  • Peaceful Presence: The mere presence of selenite in your home fosters peace and calmness. Ideal for yoga practitioners, using this hexagon selenite bowl before a session contributes to relaxation and flexibility, enhancing the overall yoga experience.

  • Thoughtful Gift: Perfect for crystal healing collectors, this hexagon selenite bowl makes a thoughtful and unique gift. Its individuality, combined with its positive energy properties, sets it apart as a cherished addition to any collection.

Bring the beauty, positive energy, and unique craftsmanship of our hexagon selenite charging bowl into your home or share it as a meaningful gift with a crystal enthusiast.


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 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 10cm in diameter
Material Pure selenite

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