Selenite dolphin bowl for charging crystals

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This selenite bowl is shaped to the shape of a dolphin and it is used to charge other healing crystals. This selenite bowl would make a perfect gift for any crystal healing collector. Each one is handmade to perfection, the surface of the crystals has been perfectly polished to give it a glossy shine. These dolphin selenite bowls are fragile and extra care is required while handling them, the hardness of the crystal is only 2.5 Mohs which means they can easily break. Be sure to place the dolphin selenite bowl somewhere safe and secure. As we know the crystal is very soft and can easily break we put in the extra effort to well package all of our products to make sure that they arrive safely at their destination.

Once this crystal is exposed to natural sunlight it has a beautiful glow to the crystal, it glows like the moon itself. Once you receive your selenite dolphin bowl you should cleanse and charge the crystal. You can do this by leaving the crystal in natural sunlight for a few hours or under direct moonlight. Some will burn a smudge stick and pass the crystal through the smoke.

Selenite is a crystallized salt that was made from the continuous evaporation of saline water. The crystal does not react well to long exposure of water and it can cause the crystal to dissolve away. 



Selenite is a fragile crystal to post, we make sure that each of our parcels is well packed to avoid the crystal getting damaged. We ship our parcels within one working day, and the courier roughly takes 3 working days to deliver.

 Colour  White
Dimensions Roughly 7cm
Material Pure selenite

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