Selenite moonstone bracelet

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These selenite moonstone bracelets have an otherworldly feel to the crystal. It feels like the crystal has a magical feel once exposed to natural sunlight. The crystal was named after the goddess of the moon Selene. For thousands of years, ancient people believed that the crystal would bring good luck and protection. Those who wear this selenite moonstone bracelet will get protection from evil spirits. They also believed that sleeping with the crystal would also offer protection from nightmares and promote a good night's sleep.

These crystal bracelets are made from pure selenite crystal, it has a white transparent colour and a beautiful soft gentle glow once exposed to natural sunlight, almost looking like glass. This listing is for one selenite moonstone bracelet. Extra care is required with the crystal, it is made from crystallized salt, which means it could dissolve with long exposures to water. Walking in the rain or going for a shower will not cause the crystal to dissolve, it might be worth taking off the selenite moonstone bracelet if you decide to go for a swim or a bath.

If you use the crystal to absorb negative energy it is important that you regularly cleanse and charge your selenite crystal. Negative energy can get trapped within the crystal which could affect its powers. You can charge and cleanse your crystal under natural sunlight for a few hours.


We aim to ship our selenite bracelet within 1 working day and the courier takes around 3 working days to deliver. We make sure that each parcel has been carefully packed to make sure that they arrive safely at their destination. 

 Colour  White
Dimensions Bead size 6mm
Material Pure selenite

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