What chakra is selenite

What chakra is selenite

Selenite is a powerful crystal and it is believed to have powerful high vibrations that can help reduce anxiety and stress levels. People firmly believe that the crystal can help unblock your chakras within your body. This is often done with a selenite wand, they place the crystal on the crown chakra and slowly bring the crystal down the body. Ancient Egyptians believed that the crystals would stop evil spirits from entering their home so they left their crystals hanging by the front door.

Selenite is often used during meditation as it helps remove negative thoughts from within the mind and from the body. You can meditate while holding the crystal in your hand. These beautiful crystals are crafted into beautiful sculptures and jewelry.

Which chakra is selenite?

 Selenite comes in different colours, not all of them connect to the same chakras. White selenite connects to two chakras, the third eye chakra, and the crown chakra. The reason people connect to the crown chakra is all about a spiritual connection and transformation. Many people believe that connecting to the crown chakra makes them feel closer to god or the lord divine. Some people who connect to the crown chakra might have a spiritual awakening and have a more positive outlook on life. It has been reported people that who connect to the crown chakra may visualize themselves traveling through the universe, and they will not be afraid of death as they have a better understanding of how everything works.

Sometimes your crown chakra gets blocked and a white selenite crystal helps unblock it. Some signs of blocked chakra would be an unwillingness to be open to new ideas or make big changes in your life. Feeling unsettled or ungrounded is another symptom that your crown chakra is blocked. Some people believe that if you are in psychosis is another symptom that the crown chakra is blocked.

An orange selenite or a peach selenite also connects to the crown chakra. It is able to connect to more chakras than the white selenite. Peach orange selenite connects to the sacral chakra, crown chakra, heart chakra, and solar plexus chakra.

Connecting to the heart chakra can bring up an avalanche of emotions, people that seek to connect to the heart chakra are often looking for forgiveness or to forgive. It is also the chakra that feels love, connecting to the chakra will bring an overwhelming feeling of love to your partner and family. People often use peach selenite crystal to help unblock any blockages. Connecting to the heart can be very emotional be prepared to cry.

Many people who seek to connect to the sacral chakra seek sexual energy. People sometimes want to connect or unblock the sacral chakra if they feel that they might have lost their sexual energy. Not only does the sacral chakra help with sexual energy it can also help with creative thinking. It is also believed that it helps keep the bladder, kidneys, and reproductive organs healthy.

 The main reason to connect to the solar plexus as it helps with willpower and self-discipline. People might try and connect to the solar plexus if they are going through a crossroads in their life and are not sure which way to go it can help give guidance. 

How to connect to your chakras with selenite

 Connecting with your chakras requires meditation, try and meditate somewhere you feel relaxed. Try and meditate on a soft surface or sit on a pillow. Try to remove any distractions or negative thoughts. Holding a selenite crystal can help remove negativity from within the mind. Once the mind is relaxed focus on inhaling and exhaling. After about 5 minutes of concentrating on your breathing, imagine a beam of white light entering through the nose that reaches the lungs. 

Once you can feel the energy of the crystal flowing through your body concentrate on the chakra you wish to connect to. It takes a lot of focus and concentration to connect to your chakras and you might not always be able to connect.

Try using a selenite palm stone during meditation, they are comfortable and easy to hold. Or you can meditate in front of a selenite tower. Selenite is one of the go-to healing crystals for unblocking your chakras. Hope this article helps.